Home Gathering (19 Feb 2022)

The Mount of Olive Church
06:00 PM - 07:30 PM
Home & Online
No. 1409, Harmony homes 12th cross MCECHS layout Next to Reform Studio Jakkur Bangalore 560064

We live in a world of uncertainty, at times we may feel so lonely and unsure what our purpose is. Even though we try to do the best for everyone around us, we still get our hearts broken.

The Mount of Olive church: is the church for the broken heart. Are you clueless without direction and lost in the purpose of life? We suggest you try the higher power, to the God who has created us. This might not be what you believe in and might not be your style; but until you give it a chance, how would you know?

At the Mount of Olive Church, we believe in the teaching of Jesus. Through his sacrifice he has given us a second life. Allowing us to leave our guilt, the pain and uncertainty behind. We welcome you to follow him to the Mount of olives where he ascended to heaven. All you need is to bring your faith & hope, and Jesus’ love will touch you and he will ascend all parts of your lives - Health, Wealth, Family, Relationships, Education and many more.